Past Guests

#1. Barbara Lang: Live Glass International (former owner of Glass Paradigm).
Ms. Lang is working on innovations in the Glass Manufacturing industry and is working on setting up a facility in the Bay Area to produce glass. This will cut down on the C02 produced by shipping flat glass over seas, it will create jobs and her clean-tech glass innovations will help in the building industry with more energy savings. The majority of glass is now producing in China, Belgium and Japan.

#2. BuildingWise
Barry Giles, owner of BuildingWise, moved here from England and is a resident in Monterey.  He moved her to work on the LEED Certification of the Moss Landing Marine Labs. He is LEED Faculty and presents on the topics sustainable design/construction/energy all around the world. Prior to moving to the USA he work in the Bahamas on the Onassis water system for their private island. He is a wealth of knowledge.

#3. Organic Architect
Eric Corey Freed founder of Organic Architect in San Francisco and author of four books. He is one of the for most experts in remodeling and new architecture for green/sustainable homes.  Eric speaks at over 160 places a year on the topics of green architecture and design.  He has a quick wit, intelligence and his love for what he does comes through in everything he touches.  He resides on many boards and advise people on subjects beyond architecture that have to do with sustainability. He shares with us on this show he’s most challenging projects, the most rewarding and what he is currently working.

#4. Round table – American Institute of Architects (AIA) Santa Clara County- Gail Price, US Green Building Council, Northern California Chapter  - Dan Geiger (USGBC-NCC) and Builders Exchanges Santa Clara County- Mike Miller. This show was ground breaking in that this was the first tine that all three Executive Directors for these organizations were in the same room.  We talked to them about what their plans are for the future of each organization, what their thoughts are in relations to the green economy, and how people can take action.  We also ask each of them what the most challenging part of their jobs are and what the best part of it is.  Each shared key points for their organizations and gave us perspective on what is happening with them.

#5. Rose Steele Partner at Landry & Bogan and Gary Parks Western Regional Director Theatre Historical Society of America. Both of these folks are experts in Theater architecture and historical preservation of theaters.  Gary volunteers his time with the documenting and even rolling up his sleeves to save artifacts from old theater when they are being torn down or remodeled. Landry & Bogan provides planning services for all kinds of public assembly facilities; theatres, studios, concert halls, amphitheatres and flexible 'black box' spaces.  They create project planning guides, feasibility studies, renovation and adaptive reuse studies either stand-alone or with an arts management consultant, architectural team or both. Each of these individuals gave a unique perspective on preservation of historical theaters and the new technology in new buildings.

#6. Rochelle Ford Art. Mrs. Ford is a local artist that has been doing sustainable art work for over 20 years. Her work is stretching into places across the country, in gardens, homes and entrances to public parks.  Mrs. Ford’s story is interesting in that she was an Executive Director and work up one day and decided to be an artists. She has always wanted to do this and thought if she did not start now, she would never get around to it. At 50 something years of age she quit her six-figure salary job and started to produce art.  Her first year as an artist she replaced her previous income. The next year she surpassed her salary that she made as an Executive Director. It’s never to late to follow your dreams!

#7. Iris Harrell is the founder of Harrell Remodeling, a construction company.  She moved here from Texas after having a successful construction company there. She got her start working on her partners mothers home in Texas and “doing it” herself fix it up project. She liked it so much that she decided to become a contractor.  Her projects here in California are mostly in the Santa Clara County.  She just recently completed her own person home as a green and “universal design.” The universal design is developing your home for the stages we will go through as we age- a  life sustaining design or remodel.  Instead of planning to go to a retirement community, you might want to make your house friendly for as we age, for ramps and sinks that are accessible for wheelchairs.

#8. Sierra Club Loma Prieta Chapter - Julio Magalhaes, Ph.D. Global Warming Program Coordinator. Julio’s background as a scientist with NASA is an interesting twist to someone that is now in the environmental/green movement.  He started volunteering his time for the Sierra Club and they asked him to become the Executive Director. There are four areas that the Sierra Club focuses on, with Global Warming being one of those areas. He talked to us about all four areas and explains the Cool City program for us.

#9. Marianna Grossman- Sustainable Silicon Valley (SSV). This organization is a multi-stakeholder collaborative initiative to produce significant environmental improvement and resource conservation in Silicon Valley through the development and implementation of a regional environmental management system (EMS). Marianna has just this year taken on the role as Executive Director for SSV. Her deep knowledge and back ground with environmental issues left me in awe.

#10. Lori Krien is an Artist doing sustainable artwork. Her grandfather did similar things in Germany during WWII when they did not have items to use, he made Menorahs for found objects! Her artwork is an inspiration that you can make a wonderful art piece from nothing. She has a studio off The Alameda in San Jose that other artist work at. They have an annual open studio there in May on Mother’s day weekend. She does do private workshops on how to create art and she will be producing a show on art at CreaTV San Jose in 2009.

#11. Hari Sripadanna the first LEED Home in Saratoga. Hari is a an Architect and he decided that he would like to do a Green Home.  In California Build it Green is thought of a the most reachable standard to the average person for a green home. Hair wanted to go beyond that, so he joined in the newly created LEED for Homes by the US Green Building Council.  This is the hardest way to reach green, a little more costly then the other standard, but also longer lasting and more cutting edge.  Most of his neighbors liked what he was doing, but there was one neighbor at every turn that did not approve and would complain to the city, about the pitch of the roof, or whatever they could come up with. This was also a learning process for the City of Saratoga, since this was the first LEED home there.  The home received LEED Gold, one step away from Platinum and Hari was only reaching for LEED Silver.

#12.    Woodrow Clark II - Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the organization created by the United Nations that was named co-recipient of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize (part of the Al Gore thing!). Mr. Clark has worked at universities teaching on the subject of sustainability and is coming out with a book this year, “Sustainable Communities.” He has authored two other books that are used in universities for classes.  In his previous years, he worked as an Economic Advisor to Grey Davis and at Lawrence Livermore Labs.

#13. Iris Harrell is the founder of Harrell Remodeling, a construction company.   We had her back to go deeper into the subject of construction and Design. She talked more about the Universal Design and her own personal home.  Her home has been filmed for a documentary by the samy lady that filmed “the Raging Granny’s” documentary.  We will have Iris back one more time this year. (see Previous show Description)

#14. Aliannce Homes- Glenn Gilliam and Dave Whiddon with Skyline Homes
Alliance Homes is a local distributor of manufactured homes. One of their vendors, Skyline Homes just recently won an award from the Environmental Protection Agency and US Department of Energy for their green manufactured homes in Oregon.  This was the highest award for Energy Star kiss of approval and called “Tier 3 Energy Star Leadership in Housing” Award.  They are using materials that are energy efficient in the manufacturing process. The waste in the production of each home is minimal, compared to other new homes and this leaves our world with less garbage in our landfills!

#15. Novicomm- Tracy Bauer
This show has a new LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology introduced to Silicon Valley by Novicomm.  They are manufacturing lighting that will save money and energy for consumers. Both commercial and residential lights are made from this innovative company. LED lights are more energy efficient and in many circumstances last longer the CFL’s (Compact Fluorescent Light).   Some of the innovations include LED bulbs and tubes that will fit in normal fixtures and lamps fittings. This technology will far surpass the fluorescents that are currently available.

#16. Smart Grid Dictionary and Library - Christine Hertzog
On this show we talked about the advancements in technology and all the interesting startups related to smart grid that are popping up. The Smart Grid Council was also talked about that is a newly formed group with people interested in the advancement of smart grid. Christine’s background puts her in a unique position to understand the convergence of the intricacies that it will take to get the smart grid going. The technology, the manual labor and balance of coordination it will take to get the smart grid up and running is all covered in this show.

#17. Environmental Institute of America-Alex Thatcher
The founder of Environmental Institute of America Alex Thatcher comes from a high tech background.  He is interested in the green economy and helping people to advance in their careers.  The staff at Environmental Institute of America has put together some unique seminars to help folks do just that! They have experts in green building teaching on topics such as LEED, energy efficiency and other related educational topics.

#18. Silver Mountain Winery- Jerold O’Brian
This winery has been doing green and organic before there was a term coined for either!  The winery property was bought in 1973, built and opened by 1979 and then the Lopa Prieta Earthquake hit.  They opened after the clean up and have been battling to keep the doors open for tastings on Saturday with some of the new neighbors that moved in. They wine is some of the best in California and you don’t have to worry that the footprint it takes to make this wine is a lot, they do not use extra water (just what mother nature provides,) they have installed solar this past year and they have never used pesticides on their property!

#19. The Green Chamber of Commerce- Melinda Cheel and Alexia Marcous.
For less than two years the The Green Chamber of Commerce has been in the San Francisco Bay Area. They host three events a month in Marin County, San Francisco and in the Oakland/Berkley areas.  They are not wanting to add a 4th event to this mix a month in the “South Bay” or as most people know it Silicon Valley.  This group vets it’s members and does not let just anyone that says their green into their Chamber. You must answer questions on what you are doing to make your business green or to help others with this quest.  The Chamber has Melinda Cheel working part time now as their Executive Director with plans to have her move into full time in the next year.   They have over 200 members right now and are sure to expand this with the plans to come to the South Bay.  The Green Chamber is now managed also by a volunteer board and Alexia Marcous is one of those board members. She and her father started an online payment service, Dharma Merchant Services, that gives back part of it’s proceeds to the non-profit of your choice.  All the board members have sustainability, environment or green in their business mix or background.

#20. Cinequest- Halfdan Hussey
Halfdan Hussey Director and  Co-Founder of Cinequest was my guest and we talked about the movie industry. How it has changed the convergence of aninmation and the digital explosion of film. The new technology in 3D animation and how much easier it has become since the festival started 20 years ago.  We also talked about the most famous people that have been to the film festival in San Jose and who might be his favorite guests there.  The Mavericks of the film industry that have shown up to recived awards such as Deepak Chopra.  Mr. Chopra was at this 2010 Cinequest receiving the Life Time Maverick award and SVTAGS was there to grab an interview with him.  We aired this for the first time on this show and it’s posted on YouTube now.

#21. Legacy Through Giving- Michael Chan and more!
This organization takes sustainability to a new level by helping many.  There are 14 non-profits that benefit from Legacy Through Giving. They do an annual fashion show furndraiser that helps these smaller non-profits survive. Cocoa Jeans importer Tish Hear was on this show along with, Reputation Clothes founder/designer Amanda Rodriguiz, Far East Living founder/designer Esther Yei Shih and the founder of Legacy Michael Chang. When we first talked about having them on the show they asked if they could bring a few models to show some of the clothes and I agreed.  Next thing we knew, there was about 20 models in the studio, all volunteering there time, to help promote Legacy Through Giving. This was a fun show to produce and more complicated then most of the other shows because of the logistics.

#22. Iris F. Harrell and Pam Walton- a Green Home.
A documentary on Iris’s personal was produced by Pam Walton.  Iri’s has build and redesigned hundreds of homes for others and now, he home was going to be touched by some of her magic.  Pam was there to film the home as they greened it up and we talked about this process on the show.  It’s really fun to see someone that has been in their career for over 25 years, get excited about their own project in their field and Iris, her partner Ann, were both beaming like school girls with excitement.   The house is amazingly beautiful and for some- they would be amazed that it’s green, because so many people think that green is not going to be aesthetically pleasing.  This house is over the top in the gorgeous design details.

#23. Eric Drew Foundation with Eric Drew the founder.
This has to be one of the most amazing people I have every met.  Eric Drew is a leukemia and identity theft survivor. He was a normal six foot tall guy traveling the world for business. Came home and wanted to settle down, maybe have a family. After a year at home, while giving blood was normal in that year, this one time they said something is wrong. He went to Stanford and they sent him home to die, six moths maybe.  He amazingly had a half sisiter that he only met a year before and she was a half match for bone marrow.  It did not take and they wanted to send him home again, but this time he was in Seattle.  Now, as he was determined to find a way to live, he found out someone there at the hospital was stealing his identity- and no one believed him.   He got himself out of bed, got the evidence he needed for the polic and the FBI to get involved… and the rest as they say is history.  His case was the first ever tried under the new HIPAA laws, the first case to be won. He has survived also as the first ever double stem cell transfer.

To learn more about the HIPAA settlement:
-    read this Seattle Post-Intelligencer piece-

#24. Michaela Marek founder of Eucalyptus Magazine
On this show we explore the topics of Eucalyptus Magazine and the founders vision for the publication. Michaela tells us of her background, why she started the magazine and the plans for it’s future.  Some of her past issues focus on yoga, health, culture in Silicon Valley with an Indian Dance Troop, fitness/health, sustainability, and eco-fashion. Her vision is very much like ours at Silicon Valley -Technology, Art, Green and Sustainability (SVTAGS) and this was a good start to collaboration between our two media companies.

#25. Chris Valverde  from the Sheet Metal Workers Local 104 and Jane Jerome from Green Wren
In this show Jane and Chris talk about the green building industry, new technologies, educational topics and art from metal.
Chris explains how people are inrolled in the Sheet Metal Workers Local 104. He tells us of some of the amazing work that the apprentices have done for their employers over the years.  One of those projects is the Lucas facilities trellis in the San Francisco Presidio location and some big name tech companies that have some nice metal work touches at their facilities.  Jane gives us an overview of green technologies in the building industry. She tells us of some new amazing products that builders/contractors are using. Jane also talks about solar and energy briefly.  Both of these guests are experts in their area and SVTAGS hopes to have then back at a later date.

#26. Acterra "Be The Chang" Debbie Mytels & Jim Smith from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District
In this show we cover programs available to San Jose, and other cities, residence to help do home improvements free or at low cost.  One program is a window replacement program through Sacred Heart Community Center that is subsidized for low income  and/or people that have lost their jobs. Acterra has been doing Environmental programs for 40 years in Palo Alto.  They and other organizations like the BAQMD team up to bring programs to the citizens of San Jose.

#27.Will Tait, Sustainable artist
This artists has been working with wood in his art for over 40 years.  He started off as a boat builder in the 1950’s in the San Francisco Bay Area when in was a teenager.  When he started a traditional College in the 1950’s one of his professors said, “you do not need to be here” and helped him get into a famous art school in New York.   While in New York, he learned from other artists and was given free passes to local art galleries.  He moved back to the Bay Area and is known for his sustainable art pieces.

#28. Brenda Kashuba and Eric Drew
The Eric Drew Foundation founder Eric Drew has been on our show before.  This time he cam with his President of his Board, Brenda Kashuba.  They were gearing up for the “Trek for the Cure” that the Eric Drew Foundation puts on annually in Vasona Park in Los Gatos CA.  This is a trek to help raise monies to help people that have been told “there is no cure for you and you will die… go prepare for this.”  Eric has worked for free to help hundreds of others find clinical trials to help them live.  Brenda has volunteered for years with the Eric Drew Foundation will continue on the board after her term is up.

#29.  Green Tech Summit "On Location"
At this show in California’s State Capital of Sacramento we caught the head of the EPA’s sustainability program on camera. We also interview the National Resource Defense Councils head of Sustainability. A woman that produces “Harley” parts in California and Heather Durham heckle the Governor into going to the booth for a few minutes.  Interesting new green transportation information is filmed at the show, building energy efficiency and lighting technology that the California governments (cities and state agencies) will be purchase.

#30. Middlebrook Gardens- Alrie Middlebrook
This show could have been hours as we covered so much information on: Sustainable gardens, Native California plants, cooking with native plants, the educational faculty for children and adults at Middlebrook. Alrie has been working as an Architectural Landscaper for over 30 years. She started to incorporate the educational element in the past 10 years.  She speaks all over the worked on sustainable gardening. Her book has been reprinted many times and is used as a text book in some schools.  From Hydroponics to vertical gardens this show packed a lot of information.

#31. City Lights Theatre Company - Lani Wong
City Lights Theatre Company is a great group that produces shows with a comical twist.  They have been producing theatre since the 1980’s and was started as a way for students at San Jose State to get experience on stage and to express themselves.  It was not started by SJSU faculty, but by the students to have fun on their own.  They take auditions from people interested in acting. Their faculty is used by a local private school as their “theatre.” Lani Wong is the marketing person, she is acting in the next show “Abraham Lincolns Big Gay Dance Party” and she was the model for the photos on the City Lights Theatre Company brochure for 2010-2011 season.

#32.  Artist studio “5 Feet From the Moon” Katrina King and Dominic Boinich. These two artist have had amazing careers on there own, which I have been following the past 5 years and now as a couple the started 5 Feet From the Moon. Katrina I met at Sunset’s House of Innovation when she had an art fire pit that she made from metal installed in the house in 2006.  Dominic worked managing a metal art studio owned by a famous architect locally. (Can you guess who that architect is?).  Together they are now creating some amazing work in Santa Cruz!

#33.  Alternative Health: Shiny Toes Cary Silberman and Massage Thearipist Sterling Duncan. Both of theses show guest have a vast background in other fields and just like true Silicon Valley Citizens, they have recreated themselves!  Cary worked for Melvin Belli in law in his early career.  Sterling worked in high tech until she decided she needed a change.  Cary also has two medical certificates that he won at Harvard Medical School for pain management and also Laser Surgery treatment. Both of these guest just touch on some of the alternative treatments available for people now.

#34.  Morocco’s Restaurant, Sustainable food, Organic recipes brought from their homeland. This local restaurant brings the flavors of Morocco to Silicon Valley. Freshly made with many organic ingredients and an amazing atmosphere this is a great place to spend an evening.  They have events at their restaurant often and you can check their Website for up today specials.  The two brothers Sham and Jay Essadki started this lovely restaurant in Down Town San Jose about 5 years ago.  Again, lively events, with music, belly dancers and other entertainment can often be found any night of the week there.

#35.  Earth Bound Homes, Chemistry meets Green Building. David Edwards, Founder and   Randy Potter, VP. The green building and home building pairing fit perfectly with this show.  These two guests go into detail about what you can do with existing home and new construction to make your space a green living home.  The founder David is a chemist that in college supported him with building homes. After college he found himself at a great job in his field of study, but was not happy with what he was doing. He missed working with his hands and then started a home building project.  That turned into another and then another. David’s expertise in chemistry makes him the perfect person to build green homes as he has an extraordinary talent that adds to what we need to know.

#36. Organic Food Chef’s in Silicon Valley, Chef Molly Holbrook from Organicopia and Chef Renee Guild from the The Picnic Guild. From the wine trail in the Los Gatos, Saratoga and Santat Cruz Mountians, Renee provides great organic picnic baskets for people to order while they are enjoying their wine tasting.  Molly, with her Organicopia provides in home organic meals cook for you at breakfast, lunch and dinner.   Both these gals are paving the way through Silicon Valley with organic food concepts that are unique and fun.   Molly will cook for special events or everyday meals, and you will never be tired of the food!  Renee has just started this business in the past year and has already landed Villa Montalvo as one of her many clients. 

#37. Habitat For Humanity meets Silicon Valley volunteering, Jennifer Simmons Executive Director. Here is Silicon Valley there are 50 projects that have already been completed by Habitat for Humanity.  They rely on 80% of volunteers to help with these projects.  The people that move into the home built also give back, as required 500 hours, but Jennifer tells us that, “They always give more!”  Habitat like many non-profits is looking for ways to expand their resources, volunteers and to gain more funding.  They are going to be doing just that with the ReStore that they will be opening in San Jose at the New Environmental Incubator Center that the City of San Jose is currently building. Their reach goes beyond the boarders of Silicon Valley and they do international projects with affiliates both in the USA and around the world.

#38. West Coast Green On location Highlights. In this program we go on location two years in a row to take the best high lights of West Coast Green in San Francisco.  From Arianna Huffington, Hunter Lovins, William McDonough Scott Green the City of San Jose’s Clean Tech and Regional Policy guru, Caroline Casey and many others that we interviewed at the shows are documented with Come take a peak at the world of green building, listen to the change makers of the 20th and 21st center with this show!

#39. Dreamalings, Jaime Abromovitz is the founder and she has created an unique learning model for students. A softwear both online and can be used in a class room setting to help children learn, read, sing along and have fun doing learning projects. Jaime slow start with some of the traditional educational tools when she was a child and creativity helped her to develop this system that is used both nationally and internationally.

#40. Pamela Rose is a fine Jazz singer.  She blessed us with the history of her work, with where she’s been and what she is doing in the future.  She told us of the inspiring story of her production of the Wild Women of Song.  She told us of her next big move with playing for the first time at the Monterey Jazz Festival. We met at Jazz in the Plaza in Los Gatos summer of 2011 and I was so impressed with her that I asked that she come on the show.  She did not fail to impress us even more with her voice at the end of the show, closing our 40th show with her lovely song!

#41. Michael Killen, Painting to Change the World, The Killen Report, and now Art & Sustainability with Michael Killen. This master of media production has since the 1970’s produced over 400 shows, (and I was told later that this is a really modest number that he quoted).  From dignitaries around the world, to CEO Internationally and locally, and then back to our Silicon Valley covering stories that blend high tech start ups back in the 1970’s, this man has interviewed the best and the brightest! 

#42. Energy Upgrade CA, meets Ecology Action, meets the Office of Sustainability of Santa Clara County-  respectively guest Colin Clark  and Sharlene Carlson.
Colin Clark representing both Energy Upgrade CA and Ecology Action gave updated information on rebates, programs and ways you can save money with your home or office!  Sharlene told us of a brand new rebate that is in addition to others that have been around for home owners in Santa Clara County to take advantage of right now and start saving big on their home energy bills. It’s some little changes to your home that can really add up to big savings.  You can go to our Website for slides from the show with web links to some of the programs.

#43.  Bow Rodgers a local entrepreneur on Clean Tech, on Smart Grid and on the Electrical Vehicle Industry, Venture Capital in Silicon Valley and more.  Bow shared with us his experience in various industries from Apple to AT& T, as CEO and as marketing Guru.  We talked about the Smart Grid and that fact that this is the next big industry game changer.  Where VC’s are looking for that next big idea to lead companies into money and out of the slump in the economy, and even more covered in this show.

#44. - USGBC (US Green Building Council for those of you that do not know the acronym), Northern California Chapter- Silicon Valley Branch.  An “on location” filmed show, with an over view of the branch, the highlights from the first anniversary event at Santa Clara University. Also, the Solar Decathlon House tour at the event, and some interesting interviews with some of the founding members. Heather Durham is one of the founding three members that gathered 20 people that started the branch, so as host she has a unique take on the USGBC- NCC, SVB.

#45. This episode we have with founders Josh Levine and Troy Smothermon. This is an amazing service for getting your organic garden started, keeping it going an so much more.  If you like to dig in the yard or not, you will be delighted either way when Josh and Troy step into your yard to give you suggestions on how you can eat better from the fruits of your labor (or theirs). Josh with his dynamic background in gardening and love of travel, has brought much experience to this business.  Troy with his background in construction likes to do the leg-work for the organic gardens. This show aired on Halloween night for the first time, so we took the liberty of dressing up, well at least one of us did.


#46. with founder Pat Mahan and daughter Iya Mahan, whom just graduated from environmental studies at Hombolt State take the CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility) of business to a new level.  They have found a way for all of us to have a car, when we need it, even if you do not own one.  This give you more options, but without having to pay the high cost of insurance, maintenance on the car, and even without paying for gas. For only pennies to the dollar ($40 a year membership) you can get in one of the cars in your neighborhood to share the ride with friends. If you are a non-profit and you share your parking space with PATS Car Share, you get money back to your 501c3!

#47. CompoClay with CEO Andy Choi we get to hear about an amazing product that mixes high tech with natural materials to create a product that makes for a sustainable building material. From Dubai to Las Vegas, to small Western towns and to your living-room, they have something for all architectural needs. From a very cute elephant statue that you can sit in, to sconce that work as vintage elements on Victorian homes in San Francisco the details in the items are so beautiful.  The San Francisco retail show room serves as a wonderful place for people to see and touch the amazing work that is create by CompoClay.  This product does not have off-gasing that some products do in new construction. Fireproof mantels for around fireplaces that look like carved works of art.

#48. EcoBold’s founder Steffany Boldrini grew up on a farm in Brasil and that’s where she first learned to conserve. In 2009 I was first introduced to Steffany when she was just completing a business competition with UC Berkley. Now her website has gone from a part-time evenings and weekends gig to full time, with 7 people working for her. It’s a lot to manage, with hundreds of green products on her Website for sale. Each product is vetted, but she does admit she has not herself tested each product. She started to add video to the mix with testimonials on the product by her in late 2010. She has now done over 100 videos on products. Everything from baby products to home décor, food and cosmetics –this site has it all.

#49. Recology - Our guest on the show tonight include Deborah Munk Manager of Artist in Residence Program at Recology, Nemo Gould and Christina Mazza. The Artist in Residence Program at Recology San Francisco is a unique art and education program that provides Bay Area artists with access to discarded materials, a stipend, and a large studio space at the Recology Solid Waste Transfer and Recycling Center. By supporting artists who work with recycled materials, Recology hopes to encourage people to conserve natural resources and promote new ways of thinking about art and the environment. This episode is Heather Durham’s personal favorite show to date, as she feels this program is one that can inspire many to share good art, and also helps conserve valuable resources!

#50. - The guest for this show is Sasha Duerr who founded Permacouture Institute, professor, author, speaker.  She has written a book on natural plant dye called “The Handbook of Natural Plant Dyes,” available with Timber Press. Sasha has been helping the fashion industry to become more sustainable in their manufacturing process of clothing. The “slow clothing” movement as she put it… “not too fast and not slow,” but taking things as they come then moving at a natural or sustainable speed. One example of what she is talking about is a beautiful image of a scarf that one of the slides she provided to us. The visual of the scarf, woven into the most amazingly gorgeous and delicate item--- was actually made from pineapple fibers and steel. Leading the way for others to follow in non-toxic clothing and fabrics for us all to live healthier, Sasha is a true innovator that has helped to start the movement of the fashion industry from such a horrible history or not human, not sustainable into a new way of thinking.