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Silicon Valley and Technology

History of Silicon Valley is rich with many of the topics of the Silicon Valley Technology, Art, Green and Sustainability show.

1891—Stanford University is founded by Governor Leland and Jane Stanford.

1903—Valdemar Poulsen demonstrates the first arc radio transmitter for high-quality voice transmission in his Palo Alto laboratory. He later invents the first practical device for magnetic sound recording and reproduction.

1930's the United Nations (UN) was founded in San Francisco, California.

1937—Encouraged by Terman, William Hewlett and David Packard start a company to produce their audio-oscillator. Walt Disney becomes their first customer, purchasing the product for use on the film Fantasia.

1952—IBM locates a key research facility to the valley.

1958—NASA moves a research facility to the valley.

1968—Douglas Engelbart and team at the Stanford Research Institute (now SRI International) give first public demonstration of the computer mouse, windows, and networking.

1970’s  Venture Capital Firms Begain the industry for VC’s

1971—Alan Shugart invents the floppy disk for data storage.

1974—Development of the Graphical User Interface (GUI) at the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) led to the intuitive design of Apple's Macintosh computer and Microsoft Windows.

1976 Apple Computer formed in a Cupertino Garage

1982—The Stanford University Network is the catalyst behind the founding of Sun Microsystems. Silicon Graphics uses the same network chips to create its first graphic workstations.

1993—Stanford Professor Jim Clark hires Mosaic web browser pioneer Mark Andreesen to found Mosaic Communications, predecessor to Netscape Communications Corporation and the browser that made the Internet an everyday tool.

1994—Jerry Yang and David Filo start a directory of websites that explodes into Yahoo!.

2000 to 2001 Internet Bubble Bursts!

2003—Google purchases Pyra Labs to support blogs, today’s online community forums.

2003 – Web 2.0

History of Art in Silicon Valley

1907- California College of the Arts

1912 - Villa Montalvo – Now Montalvo Arts Center

1919 - Santa Cruz Art League

1929 - Allied Arts Guild Auxiliary, Allied Arts Guild

1959 - The Asian Art Museum of San Francisco

1969 - San Jose Museum of Art

1969 -  the Exploratorium at the Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco

1976 - The California Arts Council

1980- San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art

1982 -Arts Council Silicon Valley

1997 - Burning Man

2000 – Artsopolis,  2003 Acquired by Arts Council Silicon Valley

History of Green

The environmental movement is not something new, just reinvented!

1872 – Congress passed legislation, Yellowstone the 1st National Park in the World.

1892 - John Muir (1838-1914) founded the Sierra Club

1891 – Forrest Reserve Act

1941 - Rachel Carson: Books “Witness for Nature” and in 1962 “Silent Spring”
She is really the Grandmother of the Green Movement

1955- Air Pollution Control Act

1963 - Clean Air Act

1969 –The EPA formed

1970- Clean Air Act Extension

1972 – Water Pollution Control Act

1973- Endangered Species Act

1974 to 1978    - Jerry Brown-  The first building and appliance energy efficiency standards and made California the leader in solar and alternative energy.

2005 – Kyoto Protocol United Nations (Again -this is important to SVTAGS topics and issues).

History of Sustainability

1945 -United Nations (In San Francisco 1930’s it was formed, then to NY)

1974- Worldwatch Institute

2001- Earth Policy Institute, Lester Brown, President

2001- Sustainable Silicon Valley

2005 – Kyoto Protocol United Nations

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