Tools that help make people’s life easier.

Something that makes you smile, pause and takes you to beautiful place; it can make you think differently about a topic, person or place. Art can inspire us to be a better person, to keep us going in our daily lives or bring a sense of calm to us.

Reuse, reclaim, resourcefulness and respect for you neighbors, your environment and all around you.

Anything that makes life better for humans, today and in the future, to insure that there is something left for the next generation

We will weed through what is a sales pitch and what is really a green product, industry developments, and we will be talking with the experts in the industries that are related to what interests our audience.  How did that new LEED home get rated LEED Gold, when the owners of the home would have been happy with LEED Silver. It did not cost more to make that next level of LEED certification for the resident, but it will make a difference in the environment, in the resource in the community and in their wallet every month.  There are plenty of simple steps we each can take to help in our community, home and at work to help green-up our life.  Watch our show and learn those steps.

Please join SVTAGS to hear about topics in commercial/home buildings, wineries, farming, clean tech, art, solar/wind energy, smart grid and new technologies. The policies that are changing in these industries and trends that affect us all will be covered in this new cable television show!

You can watch us on Monday's at 7:00pm on the Silicon Valley Channel #30 (San Jose/Campbell Comcast). . If you do not get Comcast San Jose/Campbell you can watch us on at the same time the show airs, or order a copy, then pass on to a school or library.  This helps support the show when you order a copy!

The show also airs on these stations in the San Francisco Bay Area/Silicon Valley:
Mondays- 6:00pm on Ch. #15 KSAR Saratoga

Thursdays at 5:30pm on Cable Ch. #27 in the cities of Atherton, Campbell, Cupertino, East Palo Alto, Los Altos, Los Gatos, Menlo Park, Milpitas, Mountain View, Palo Alto, San Jose, Santa Clara, Saratoga, Stanford University and Sunnyvale.

Sundays - 6:00pm Los Gatos KCAT Ch. #15

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